Carpet Cleaning

We Will Double Clean Your Carpets!

If you are looking for safe and careful carpet cleaning in London, you have come to the right place. Our employees work with eco-friendly, biodegradable detergents and electronic devices, which are at the same time marvellously effective. Namely, as soon as after about 5h from accomplishing the task, a particular carpet will be refreshed, tidy and dry (there may be slight differences in time, due to the level of ventilation in an interior, as well as the fabric or size of the cleaned surface). You will be provided not only with a neater and more good-looking room, but also, free of allergens, dust and dirt, what means a healthier space for you to work or generally live in. We are glad to provide you with both efficient and cheap upholstery and carpet cleaning services in the whole London and nearby. No matter if you are an individual or you represent an enterprise – contact us as soon as possible!



Example prices include:

Single Bedroom Carpet Cleaning from £18
Double Bedroom Carpet Cleaning from £20
Living Room Carpet Cleaning from £25
DCorridor from £15
Hallway from £15
Dining Room from £23
Lounge from £23
Bathroom from £10
Stairs 2.00 £ per step
Office/Commersial £1.00-£1.50 per sq m
Three-Seat Sofa Upholstery Cleaning £36


Our work involves the following steps:

  • We examine the structure of a carpet, in order to adapt the applied methods and detergents to its particular qualities.
  • Our team initially tests and carefully chooses the most appropriate products that will not affect the carpet's colours. All of the substances that we use are environment-friendly and non-toxic.
  • If there are any spots or stains, our workers get rid of them all.
  • For deep stains, as well as pollutants and dirt, we perform extraction process.
  • In order to leave your carpet not only neat, but also smelling nice, we deodorize it at the end of our work.


Main areas we cover

Do not hesitate and book innovative carpet cleaning service in London now!